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Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket Review

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Whether a racket is better than your current model is subjective. There isn’t a best racket in the world as this is personal to the user. However, let me try to describe the feeling of hitting with Astrox 100 ZZ…

Despite what some have said, this is a head heavy racket. Mine has a balance point around 317mm which definitely places it in the head heavy department. The solid feel on the stringbed reminds of the original Z Force, which was awesome. The kickback from the shaft is completely different. The shaft kinda bends more towards the head. So far, I haven’t noticed any difference in timing, but there’s a fabulous, solid feel throughout the shot and very fast recovery.

This racket moved really well and delivered great clears. Whilst some have likened Astrox 100 ZZ to the Z Force II, it’s definitely a different animal. Whilst the head looks narrower with the new shape, and feels more like a compact racket, it definitely is standard size. Whatever Yonex has done by changing the frame shape, it’s a winner.

The shaft is ultra thin, and shorter than some. For the first time ever, Yonex has introduced a solid core shaft rathe than the hollow shaft we have been used to for decades. The entire connection from handle to head just feels right and delivers great, crisp shots time after time. Clears were sailing out of court initially and I had the luxury of turning down the effort button and enjoy the timing and response that Astrox 100 ZZ delivers.

There is a new aero-dynamic feel with this frame although I’ve no idea why; whether it’s something to do with the technology used or just a placebo effect, but the range of drop shots I hit were crisp and accurate, with good trajectory and speed.

Smash power was amazing too, although I question whether the heavier 3U will do a better job. Yes, there will be a 3U version but with a G4 grip. My preference would be the model I’m testing, it doesn’t need any more weight. I felt I hit better and harder with this racket compared to Astrox 88 D or my existing racket. That’s got to be a good sign.

As we moved into mid-court hitting, this racket continued to shine. Flat drives were really easy, with a great feel and thankfully without tiring the arm. The shuttle reacts quickly to the slight change in the head sending it in a different direction. When I compared to the Astrox 100 ZX, there’s a noticeable difference. ZZ was a touch slower than ZX as it has a heavier head. The contact with the shuttle felt much firmer and surprisingly I used less effort to generate the power.

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